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The Dental Practice Heroes Podcast

Jul 28, 2022

Today, Justin and Paul discuss how they manage the stress of being an owner of a dental practice. 

Jul 25, 2022

Do you ever find that people around you don't meet your expectations?

In this episode we explore grace.   The way in which we offer it to others as well as the way in which we offer it to ourselves. 

Jul 21, 2022

Text "hero" to (970) 546-7766 to recieve a free guide to surgery and to be entered into a raffle to win a observer's ticket to an upcoming course. 

Jul 18, 2022

Have you ever considered you may be able to thrive better as a practice if you weren't in network with so many insurance carriers?  In this episode, Gary Takacs explains how to reduce our insurance independance and why today, has never been a better day to start. 

Jul 14, 2022

What do Justin and Paul think the top 3 current marketing modalities availible today.