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The Dental Practice Heroes Podcast

Apr 13, 2020

In this episode,  Dr. Etch discusses the practical things you can be doing now to get ahead of everyone else so that when it is time to open, you are ready!

  • Visible barriers – It is time to order more barriers. Make your infection control visible to your patients.  
  • PPE - Being ordering things like gowns, masks if you can, and face shields. is somewhere you can order face shields from.  Make sure that you ask for the rigid shields, not the vinyl.
  • Aerosols – Order things that can attach to the high vac suction to catch aerosols. Things like the Ivory Releaf, Dry Shield, Isolight, etc.  Order the kona adapters from amazon to save money.
  • Air quality – Order some in room air purifiers. Medify air on amazon look good for in each op. They are around $120 each.   You can also order some UV lights that go into your HVAC system throughout the office.  Honeywell makes a UV light for HVAC that you can buy from amazon.  Last, order these medical grade air purifiers from surgically clean air.

Surgically clean air affiliate deal for podcast listeners below:

Reach out to and tell him you heard about the machines on the Dental Practice Heroes Podcast for $500 dollars off and free shipping. 

Dr. Etch bought two cascade units for my 4000 sq ft office.

Lastly realize that anything you do to make your team and your patients feel safe will be not only marketable, but make everyone feel good about coming to your office.  You will get an ROI in the health of your team and patients, as well as from new patients that want to experience the level of care that you are providing.



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