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The Dental Practice Heroes Podcast

Apr 27, 2020

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What is compassion?  The concern for the suffering of others.

In our patients.  It might be compassion for their fear,  their finances, or their values or lack their of.  We have to give them a pass and just know that we can’t possibly know everything that went into the way they are.  We need to accept them for who they are. 

What is Self compassion?

We learn survival mechanisms as children that we have to measure up to a certain behavior to be loved.  And we get punished to make us better.

We take that into adult hood.    It shows up as a voice making us better.  It is our self Critic voice that makes us think we are doing it too make ourselves better.

Perfectionism is actually insecurity and these voices showing up in adulthood.  This critic voice shows up as our mental coach.  If we allowed a friend to be as critical of us as we are of ourselves, we would have gotten rid of that friend a long time ago.

How to fix:  Be aware of the voice.  Also, we need to realize there is nothing to fix, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with us.  If we want to love others, we have to first love ourselves.

This doesn’t mean to give up on your goals and be complacent.  It means to silence that voice that says you don’t measure up.  Work towards to your goal from love, and not from your self hate.

Failure is part of the process,  it doesn’t mean you are unsuccessful or bad.

We are not here to become an acceptable person, we are here to accept ourselves as we are. 

We are already all good!



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