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The Dental Practice Heroes Podcast

Apr 6, 2020

Today we are talking with Dr. Glenn Vo: a Texas native, private practicing dentist, a published novelist with his new book 2612 Cherry Lane, and founder of the Nifty Thrifty Dentist group and podcast.  Glenn is a 3-day practicing dentist at his private practice.

Some Talking Points

(5:00) – Not everyone should own a practice, and there is no one right way. What to do while you are associating.

(7:20) – The power of hiring a coach and finding mentors.

(11:15) – One way to get your team to buy into your practice.  Vision boards and understanding the hopes and dreams of everyone on the team. 

Vision board:
-Poster board with different goals
-Have to cut pictures out and put on your board
-One meeting a year, everyone explains their board to the team
-All on the wall in the break room – they need to see it

(17:30) – Taking the team on trips for team building and improving the practice.  You can take a trip on a budget if you need, but the ROI is always worth it.

(24:05) – Glenn talks about writing his Novel,  2612 Cherry Lane. Life is short, go for your goals!

(29:17) – Glenn’s Little System Segment – How they use the morning huddle and schedule print outs to get people to schedule unscheduled treatment.

(32:22) Get Real Segment – Glenn discusses dealing with team members and carving out time to work on his team.  There just isn’t enough time it seems but it is so important.  How more productive you get when you take a day off to work on your business. If Glenn could go back, he would have spent more time working on his practices instead of practicing dentistry the whole time and trying to do everything.  Glenn’s valuable business lesson he learned was not carving out the team to meet with his team and communicate and plan.

(38:00) – Glenn talks about Dentistry Live Summit June 26th in Las Vegas. 12 hours of CE.  Buy one get one free using the code providing on the Nifty Thrifty Group.

(42:10) – Dental Practice Heroes Sexy 6

Favorite Quote: “Fortune favors the Bold”

What are you reading right now? Will Power Doesn’t Work by Benjamin Hardy

Recommend a book all Dentists should read. The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon

Recommend a CE. Western Surgical and Sedation to learn how to do 3rd molar extractions

Share a dental analogy.  Comparing teeth to tires on a car based on how people drive.  Some people drive really fast and wear them out quicker, and some people take it easy and wear them slower.  Everyone is different.  It depends on how you treat your teeth.  What happens when you don’t take care of your tires?

Give 3 pieces of advice for a new graduate.

1 – Money talks.  Look at the bottom line. Be careful of reps who are trying to sell you things.

2 – Numbers don’t lie.  If you aren’t getting ROI, stop that.

3-  Is it good for the practice?  No Matter what you do,  if you ask yourself this thing,  you will always be steered in the right direction.


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