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The Dental Practice Heroes Podcast

Apr 20, 2020

Today we are talking with Dr. Bill Williams the 10k a day dentist.  

Some Talking Points

(3:45) – Bill Williams explains that 10 a day is possible.  It’s about mindset.

(6:30)  Dr. Bill Williams big five – Mindset, Team, Marketing, Facility, Capacity

(7:30) – 100% Readiness – Dr. Bill, explains the concept

(9:00) – How Dr. Bill delegates his consults to his team. How this process works.

(13:16) – How to implement 100% readiness.

(16:05) – What a typical schedule looks like fro Dr. Bill

(19:19) – What is a “perfect day”?

(21:00) – What does it mean to just say yes.

(23:50) – Why supergeneralism is the way to be

(28:10) -- What is the easiest way to increase your production? Implant, surgery, and comprehensive treatment planning.

Little System Segment – the “3 in 3” system.  Starting the day off perfect.  

Get Real Segment – Dr. Bill’s  biggest struggle is keeping the team that can get it done. Dr. Bill wishes he could tell himself earlier in his career that associates always leave.   Dr. Bill shares a story where he sold his practice and the mistakes he made.

Dr. Bill’s Websites

The 10k a Day podcast

Dental Practice Heroes Sexy 6

Favorite Quote: “If it’s been done it’s probably possible” Omar Reed

What are you reading right now? A Bernie Gunther Series

Recommend a book all Dentists should read. Jeff Olson the Slight Edge

Recommend a CE.  The Dental XP Glabal Symposium.  

Share a dental analogy.  A Redox signaling molecule is like a signal from your iPhone.  If your house was on fire, you would call the FD.   The Redox signal is you calling the Fire Department.

Give 3 pieces of advice for a new graduate.

1 Young dentists should harder,  Old dentists should work smarter.  Work 5 dayas a week until you pay off your debts.

2 – Find someone who is doing what you want to do, and learn from them.  

3-  Get the training necessary to be the best dentist possible. Find a mentor.  


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